We’ve made a list of common questions for your convenience. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Yes, we do. As long as it’s within everyone’s budget, we will drive, fly or take a boat to shoot with our amazing clients. Travel fees vary depending on distance from where we are based out of. Any location within a 25 mile radius will not be charged a travel fee. Any location outside of that will be charged for travel to and back. All fees will cover gas, wear and tear on vehicles, travel time, tickets that might have to be purchased, meals and any lodging.

No, we do not. We eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots that either have little to no lighting or too much lighting, shots with bad expressions and any other shots that may lessen the overall quality of the product received.

For majority of the photo sessions and photo booths that we shoot, it typically takes no more than 14 days to deliver photos. However, there can be sessions or projects that require a good amount of attention to detail and for those, it typically takes no more than 30 days to deliver photos. All weddings have a 90 day turnaround time to deliver photos.

We deliver photos by digital download, disc or flash drive. Depending on the number of photos or where our clients live, we will determine the best possible method of delivery, unless requested. For any physical products, in person delivery or shipping will be available. Shipping charges will apply when USPS, UPS or FedEx are used to receive your products.

Currently we run the business out of our home office location. We do have space for small projects and photo sessions but prefer on location shoots where space will not be a factor.

We always shoot in RAW. Unless a project or session specifies for JPEG, we prefer RAW because of the flexibility it gives us to correct images that might not be perfect straight out of the camera.

While we use Canon cameras and equipment, we believe both brands make great professional products. There are subtle differences between the two but no clear cut winner. When you ask, “which brand is better”, we believe it’s simply just a matter of preference and opinion.

Yes, we do. We know not all packages are made for everyone and will work with all our clients to custom build a package that will fit your needs and budget.

We understand that not everything goes as planned during a wedding or photo session. We never pack up and just leave when your time is up, instead we will ask you if you would like to extend the amount of time that is available. If a time extension is agreed upon, we will charge the rate specified under our services section or contract.

We set our prices according to costs of equipment and products we use, experience, knowledge, training, people we hire and the amount of time we put in during and after a photo session, event or wedding day. We don’t have a lot of overhead and that helps keep costs down, which in turn saves our clients money. We only like to charge what we believe you need. We don’t over charge or include services that aren’t necessary.

We don’t really like charging anyone fees but as a company who wants to stay in business, it is a must that we charge the appropriate fees to cover things or people in order to make your photo shoot or wedding coverage happen.

Yes we do. Because most people do not own Adobe or other creative software or have the know how to use them properly, we do offer our design services. We can create “save the dates”, “thank you” cards, photo prints, canvas prints, albums and much more.

You have the right to reprint images whenever and wherever you want (also known as print rights). However, you may not sell your images for profit or publish your images without the written consent of The Foto Company.

No, we do not. We do have a preferred vendors section that will list some of those professionals that do. All vendors that are listed, we stand behind because of their quality products and great customer service.

Typically, the photographer you meet will be Sami Pitts and he will oversee all photo sessions, photo booth operations and wedding dates unless otherwise noted and relayed to you. We will make sure that whoever the photographer is for you; will uphold the same quality and strict guidelines that we follow.

Absolutely we do. We do not discriminate against anyone based on age, sex, color, race, racial or ethnic background, political affiliation, religious beliefs or social status.